Frequently Asked Questions

Children's consignment sales are becoming very popular around the United States. With the current economic climate, moms like us are looking to save money where they can. Turning your used baby and children's items into cash just makes sense.

What is Consignment and how does it all work?
Consignment means that you are giving us the opportunity to sell items for you on your behalf. We price and tag everything, but you get a 40% share of the profit when your items sell. This is a great way to make a little extra cash or use your earnings as store credit towards purchasing items that your kids need in the next size up! We keep everything in the store up 90 days and keep track of all of your sales for you. You can stop in for a total at any time!

Why should I consign instead of having a yard sale?
Consigning saves you the time of having a yard sale...and typically pays out the same (if not more)! You don't need to price anything, prepare signs, hang or iron your clothing, or get up early on a Saturday morning (when you could be sleeping)! We do all of that for you! You get the profits without all of the work!

Who does the Pricing when I bring my items in?
Bear-ly Used Consignments does all of the pricing. We do everything we can to make sure you get the best payout for your items!

How do you keep track of everything?
We have a wonderful software program that keeps track of everything! When you bring your items in - each piece is given a consignor number and item number. Each tag has this unique number on it. When the item sells, the number is entered into our system and it automatically credits your account for 40% of the selling price! We do a back-up at the end of every business day so you can be assured that your information will never be lost and your account will be updated daily!

What sizes do you take?
We accept size preemie up to size 14!

Why did you give back some of my items?
This is always a touchy situation. Please do not get offended if we give something back. It is nothing personal... When a consignment is up, I have to pull all of the unsold items to return to the consignor. I use these "pulled items" to help guide me in what I should or shouldn't take in the future. The lighting in my store is very harsh...and shows stains on clothing that most lights in your home will not show. It happens to everyone....including me! Other things can also be missed, like broken zippers, pilling, fading, wash wear, worn knees, worn pant bottoms, recalls, etc. I want to fill every space in the store with items that I know will sell! In order to make the most I can for you, I need to make sure the items I am taking are in the best possible shape!

Can I bring items back to re-consign next season if they don't sell?
Yes, we can try it again. Please remember only items with no stains, fading, pilling, worn knees, etc.